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Bespoke carvings from Forge Arts, Hackthorn

"The 'Sculpture Trail' in Hackthorn is Magnificent!" CH, Norwich.

Chainsaw Carving 
Bespoke Furniture

FORGE ARTS offer an in-house bespoke furniture making service using the expert skills of chainsaw-carver Mick Burns. We can produce one-off items to fit your requirements and even small runs of similar form. We can arrange a consultation with Mick should you have exact specifications to fulfil. We are ideally located in an easily accessible part of Lincolnshire. No parking regulations whatsoever ensure that even the biggest items can be safely put straight into your vehicle with minimal fuss. We will also deliver by arrangement.

Functional Form

Seating for two with room for
a picnic or simply a
wooden table -

you decide!
Functional Form
Wood Sculptures

Wood Sculptures carved by Mick Burns can be ordered directly through FORGE ARTS - see a selection of typical garden sculptures. Having roots firmly entrenched in Scotland, Mick gets his inspiration from the stunning scenery and local wildlife and cares deeply about the landscape. He uses timber that has been felled by storms or regeneration projects and produces work in all sizes - from small sculptural pieces to giant outdoor statues. All carvings can be stained with coloured dyes, wood stains and long lasting preservatives, depending on their final resting place. Chainsaw carvings are unusual, long lasting and truly unique and are ideal for:

  • Large and small gardens and patios
  • Children's play parks and school gardens
  • Parks and woodland
  • Birthdays, weddings, retirement gifts
  • Hotel or office receptions and grounds
  • Shops
  • Commemorative items
Forge Door Signage and Accessories

Signage for any situation can be carved and routed here at FORGE ARTS. We can also carve unique frames for mirrors, doorways and windows.

Give us a call on 01673 860441 or Email us with your enquiry.

Local house sign carved, routed
and painted to exact spec
Fieldfare House Sign

Village Hall Sign 1 Village Hall Sign 2
Another local addition - the Hackthorn Village Hall sign on Main Street.


Archaeological Folding Osteometric Boards

Forge Arts is now the primary maker of 'Feline' archaeological Folding Osteometric Boards, originally constructed for Elmet Archaeological Services Ltd based near Barnsley. An Osteometric Board is a device for measuring bones - in particular the femur bone, the measurement of which will give an approximation of the height of an individual. Orders for these boards are now handled exclusively through Forge Arts priced at £120.00. And if you are in any way interested in other archaeological stuff, please take a peek at our ongoing blog at